Highland Equipment Inc. is a leader in sanitary process equipment solutions. We manufacture hygienic stainless steel mixing tanks for many types of substances. Whether you need a mixing tank for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, or other types of processing applications, we can fabricate a solution that meets or exceeds your industry standards.

Food-Grade Mixing Tank Manufacturer

At Highland Equipment, we manufacture both cylindrical and rectangular mixing tanks customized to your specifications. Our tanks feature a variety of agitators, blenders, mixers, and other equipment options, depending on your needs.

We work closely with our customers to develop cost-effective solutions that meet even the most challenging requirements. We also provide end-to-end project management, supporting clients with system design, manufacturing, installation, integration, and technical support. Every piece of equipment we deliver is developed to comply with all relevant standards and codes.

As one of the leading stainless steel mixing tank manufacturers, Highland Equipment has a cutting-edge fabrication shop, outfitted with fabrication equipment for:


  • Bending
  • Sawing
  • Shearing
  • Forming
  • Cutting
  • Machining

We work with stainless steel sheets, coils, tubing, plates, and bar stock. Our state-of-the-art welding department provides high-quality orbital welding services, and our welding team has extensive experience meeting even the most demanding criteria for weld penetration, producing smooth O.D. and I.D. welds with accurate joint fit-up.

At Highland Equipment, we practice comprehensive quality control at every stage of the design and fabrication processes. Our team thoroughly inspects welds to ensure each joint is flawless. In addition, our professional field crews are experts in assembling and erecting piping systems that meet ASME codes and standards.

We are an ASME Section VIII Division 1 certified and National Board “U” Stamp registered fabrication shop. We also comply with U.S. Dairy 3A and CSA B51. As a leader in sanitary fabrication, we are proud to have completed thousands of installations across North America and the world

Mixers, Agitators, and Blenders

Stainless steel mix tanks from Highland Equipment can be outfitted with a broad range of mixers, agitators, and blenders. Learn more about each option below.

When a solution or product needs to be homogenized, emulsified, blended, heated, or cooled, a mixer performs the task. Our mixers are suitable for any viscosity and feature heating or cooling jackets, with optional culinary steam injection. Whether you need to create a thermal reaction or cook your product, we can deliver the ideal system.

We offer many types of sanitary mixers, from in-line to in-tank options:

Highland Equipment offers the following types of in-tank agitators, suitable for liquid phase products of lower viscosities. Agitators are typically used to maintain product consistency before packaging.

Our customers depend on us to deliver the quality and efficiency needed to meet their continuous, sanitary blending demands. Blending systems from Highland Equipment are able to incorporate all types of powders and viscosities. We provide both standard and custom-developed blending solutions, with features that include:

  • High-quality components to ensure a long service life
  • Multiple horsepower and volume capabilities
  • Fabricated to 3A standards
  • 3 mechanical seal design options to meet any product challenge
  • Removable outlet section for easy maintenance
  • Optional ASME-certified high pressure

The types of blenders we offer are:

  • Powder-wetting blenders, for recirculation
  • UHS blenders, for in-tank batching in cooling or heating applications
  • In-line solid or liquid blenders, for single-pass homogeneous blending
  • Single and twin ribbon blenders, for powders or slurries in cooling or heating applications
  • Twin or V shell blenders, for powder blending
  • Shear pumps, for recirculation or final pass applications


Highland Equipment develops stainless steel mix tank solutions for diverse industries. While we can develop a high-performance solution for nearly any mix tank application, the following are some of the most common industries we serve.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks From Highland Equipment

Regardless of your industry, Highland Equipment has the experience and equipment necessary to fulfill your stainless steel mixing tank needs. We have been meeting North America’s demand for custom sanitary process equipment since 1973. If you have any questions about our mixing tank product offerings, contact our team. To get started on a solution, request a quote today.

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