When production or transport companies have to store products in storage tanks or tank systems, they need to protect against excessive heat or cold and maintain the desired environmental conditions. Heating or cooling product in a tank can be a major energy expense and a concern to all our customers. Efficient sizing of tanks, insulation, heaters, or coolers depends on an accurate calculation of the thermal transfer required (Delta T). One of the most effective ways to accomplish that is with a jacket. A jacket is an outer layer covering the original tank shell where the medium flows between the surfaces, which results in efficient and uniform thermal transfer to the product.

Heating and Cooling Capabilities

At Highland Equipment, we have a proven history of providing industry-leading, cost-effective design, fabrication, and installation of stainless steel sanitary tanks and systems with a commitment to the highest quality standards. Our fabrication facility is ASME Section VIII Division 1 certified and National Board “U” Stamp registered. We are also CSA B51 approved and comply with U.S. Dairy 3A.

Highland Equipment customers can choose from various design features for their tanks, depending upon the application and contents it will contain. We have the expertise to provide additional heat transfer capabilities to any tank, even if the tanks are atmospheric. We offer exterior, interior, single wall, and jacketed tanks suitable for heating or cooling applications.

With material thickness ranges from .50 to 18 in., our tanks can accommodate several heating or cooling mediums for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Steam
  • Hot Water
  • Chilled Water (Glycol)
  • Refrigerants and phase change fluids

Types of Jacketed Mixing Tanks

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At Highland Equipment, we manufacture the following types of jackets:

  • Conventional: This type of jacket is best for small volume vessels under 300 gallons or high-pressure applications where the internal pressure is twice that of the jacket pressure. Conventional tank jackets offer superior insulation and baffle-controlled heat transfer.
  • Dimple: Dimple jackets are a cost-effective solution for handling internal vessel pressure. They are constructed from durable but lightweight metal and are best used in applications that don’t require extreme temperature changes.
  • Half pipe coil: Half pipe coil jackets are high strength, light-gauge metal jackets recommended for high temperatures processes and heat transfer applications for all liquids.

Jacketed Mixing Tank Applications

Our jacketed mixing tanks are used for a variety of applications across several industries, including:

Our state-of-the-art facility has the latest in fabrication equipment for machining all forms of stainless steel materials. We have an experienced and highly-qualified team of welders to meet the most stringent weld penetration criteria. Our jacketed heating and cooling mixing tanks are designed to meet your exact specifications, and they are inspected at every stage of the manufacturing, welding, and assembly process as part of our comprehensive quality control procedures.

Types of Jacketed Mixing Tanks

Jacketed Tank Solutions From Highland Equipment

At Highland Equipment, our team of experts are committed to meeting the most exacting customer requirements while providing complete customer satisfaction. Our various certifications illustrate our commitment to safety and quality, and we strive to exceed expectations, while delivering cost-effective, high quality products on time. For more information on our products and capabilities, contact us today.