Since 1973, Highland Equipment has been providing sanitary stainless steel process equipment, including atmospheric storage tanks. As an industry leader in our field, we deliver high-quality atmospheric storage tanks that meet numerous client-specific requirements.

What is an Atmospheric Storage Tank?

An atmospheric storage tank stores products at the same pressure as the atmosphere at the location of the tank. Atmospheric storage tanks are typically vented to the surrounding atmosphere, and they are designed to function at pressures ranging from the pressure of the atmosphere up to 0.5 psig.

Atmospheric storage tanks are often used for:

  • Dairy products, plant based products
  • Liquid ingredient storage, syrups, flavorings etc.
  • Any substance that requires ventilation to address temperature fluctuation
Storage Tank

Atmospheric Storage Tank Capabilities

Atmospheric storage tanks come in several varieties to meet different storage needs. These include:

  • Dome Top Tank. A dome top tank is useful when internal pressure is high. These tanks have no supporting column, and they may be built with or without the roof frame.
  • Cone Top Tank. CTTs feature a cone-shaped roof that is often used for most food, beverage and dairy companies. The roof is self-supported, so it requires no supporting columns.
Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Safety Precautions for Atmospheric Tanks

The type of storage tank used for any product is generally dictated by safety concerns and environmental requirements. Common safety considerations for atmospheric tanks include:

Tank Spills

Tank spills are often the result of overfilling; mechanical failure; or accumulation of water, snow, or ice on the tank roof.


When products are flammable, storage solutions must deal with fire hazards. Tank placement and sealing, specific protections against electrostatic charges, and firefighting concerns must be addressed when designing atmospheric storage tanks for flammable liquids.

Frothover and Boilover

Frothover and boilover occur when high tank temperatures cause the liquid to boil, forming a froth that could potentially lead to a fire. To avoid this, it is crucial to ensure proper liquid containment and temperature control.

Overpressure and Underpressure

Overpressure is a huge concern when storing flammable products in the presence of an ignition source. Factors such as roof construction, proper pressure-venting capabilities, and additional pressure relief devices must all be considered to address overpressure. Underpressure is caused when sudden temperature or pressure drops cause a reduction of vapor volume in the tank or when material is quickly withdrawn. Underpressure protection, such as vacuum relief devices, should be implemented to combat underpressure.

Generation of Excess Vapor

Temperature deviations and product placement and movement can all result in excess vapor. Creating systems that control this risk is necessary to ensure safe storage and product movement.

Atmospheric Storage Tank Solutions from Highland Equipment

Highland Equipment knows and understands the safety concerns regarding atmospheric storage tanks and will be able to help your team decide which storage option is suitable for your needs. Our atmospheric storage tanks are constructed in accordance with TSSA, National Board, CSA B51, ASME Section VIII Div 1 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASME ā€˜Uā€™ Stamp, and ASME B31.1 and B31.3 ā€“ Power and Process Piping Code. They also comply with state, federal, municipal, or provincial laws and regulations.

Our stringent quality standards ensure that our equipment meets and exceeds customer expectations for quality and compliance. Get a quote from our certified professionals to get started on your next storage tank solution.