Direct steam injection (DSI) pasteurization systems are used to sterilize a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid consumable products. They are engineered to heat the product to the necessary temperature by injecting culinary steam directly into it. This direct heating process enables them to offer up to a 28% reduction in energy costs compared to indirect heating systems.

Design & Capabilities of DSI Pasteurization Systems

DSI pasteurization systems work by injecting culinary steam into the process fluids. As a result, they do not require indirect heating elements to bring the product up to temperature, allowing them to be 100% thermally efficient. Other key advantages they offer over alternative pasteurization solutions include:

  • Faster processing speeds. The direct heating process allows for faster heat transfer, which reduces the amount of time it takes for a product to reach the necessary temperature for pasteurization.
  • Lower risk of thermal damage. Due to their faster pasteurization speeds, direct steam injection systems are less likely to damage thermally sensitive products. As a result, the product’s flavor, color, nutritional value, and other heat-sensitive characteristics can remain intact.
  • Greater production volumes. DSI systems have a simple design with few moving pieces, enabling them to be run continuously with little to no risk of breaking down if they are maintained properly. This allows facilities to process more products every day/week/month.

Importance of DSI Treatment in Food Processing Operations

DSI systems play a vital role in food and beverage processing operations. Three of their most common uses are:

  • Pasteurization. By raising and sustaining the temperature of products, this process destroys microorganisms that can cause illness and/or spoilage. As a result, it improves product safety and shelf life.
  • Cooking. The heat generated by DSI systems can also be used to prepare and cook foods, such as corn and other grains, meat and poultry, and starch-based confections.
  • Cleaning/sanitizing. DSI systems are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing food and beverage processing facilities. They allow water to be heated to and maintained at precise temperatures, regardless of volume or flow. The heated water can then be distributed to the surfaces that need to be cleaned and/or sanitized.

Highland Equipment Fabrication & Installation Services

At Highland Equipment, we can design, fabricate, and install a stainless steel equipment solution for nearly any unique sanitary needs. By controlling the entire process from design to completion, we ensure the products we deliver meet the strictest customer specifications and highest quality standards. Whether you need an individual unit or a complete turnkey process system, we’ve got you covered.

Our DSI treatment systems feature a multi-stream design that achieves a high surface-to-volume ratio, which enables them to use lower steam temperatures than other infusion heating systems. Additionally, they have a patented distribution plate design that keeps the multi-stream flow pattern consistent throughout extended operations.

Partner With Highland Equipment for Your DSI System Needs Today

Direct steam injection systems are ideal for use in many food and beverage processing operations. Their direct heating mechanism offers many advantages over other heating solutions, including greater energy efficiency, faster heat transfer, lower risk of thermal damage, and more, all of which can save a facility time and money.

If you want to invest in a DSI system for your food or beverage processing facility, Highland Equipment is here to help. To learn more about our DSI system capabilities, contact us today. To discuss your equipment specifications with one of our experts, request a quote.

UHT Treatment for Food & Dairy

UHT pasteurization is critical throughout the food and dairy industry. It offers superior capabilities for destroying hazardous microorganisms and other organic contaminants while minimizing changes to the chemical makeup of the product. This ensures that the product retains its desirable characteristics, including taste, smell, texture, and color. UHT pasteurization also extends the shelf life of products, which reduces overall product waste.

Highland Equipment Fabrication & Installation Services

At Highland Equipment, Inc., we provide in-house fabrication services for tanks, pressure vessels, piping, and equipment. We control the process from design to completion to ensure optimal quality sanitary stainless steel products. Our expert welders and fabricators are proficient in a variety of welding techniques and are certified per ASME Section IX. Along with fabrication, we also offer complete installation services for your UHT pasteurization process systems, paying close attention to your facility’s requirements to ensure your new equipment will fit.

To learn more about our design, fabrication, and installation services for UHT pasteurization process systems, request a quote today.

DSI Pasteurization Process Systems