Orbital WeldingOrbital welding has been accepted as an industry standard not only because of the resulting smooth surface of the weld bead which facilitates cleanability, but also because welds of the same high quality can be achieved consistently, weld after-weld, whether in the field or for high-productivity welding in a shop environment.

Highland’s weld criteria of full penetration, smooth inside and outside diameter (ID and OD) surfaces without excessive concavity or convexity, good alignment of parts, and lack of discoloration are all part of our design concept for limiting the growth of microorganisms by facilitating cleanability and sterilizability.

A rough or pitted surface, an unpenetrated or discolored weld would form crevices for contamination that would make cleaning problematic. In fact, the functionality of modern CIP systems relies on a smooth ID surface and would not be nearly as effective without orbital welding technology.