Nondestructive testing (NDT) refers to several non-invasive inspection processes that assess equipment without damaging them. Other names for this testing include nondestructive inspection, non-invasive evaluation, and nondestructive examination. Nondestructive testing services comprise various inspection techniques and can test various failure mechanisms, including porosity, corrosion, inclusions, or cracks that can lead to mechanical failure or long-term problems.

NDT ensures equipment components continue functioning securely and economically. Nondestructive inspection differs from destructive testing since it does not cause any damage to the component being evaluated. In fact, one can perform nondestructive testing on newly manufactured equipment or equipment that is already in service. Examples of NDT testing methods include:

  • X-ray
  • Dye penetrant
  • Bore scoping
  • Pressure testing

At Highland Equipment, we are industry leaders in nondestructive testing. Our NDT services include piping, weld testing, pressure vessel, and storage tank inspections.

Pressure Vessel Testing

Pressure vessels are industrial containers designed to hold liquids, gases, or vapors at a specific pressure. Since these components hold materials at high pressure, almost every country has stringent laws governing the design, creation, and operation of pressure vessels. There are general regulatory requirements for the equipment and equipment manufacturers, and pressure vessel inspection companies must understand these requirements.

Each pressure vessel has its operating limitations, known as design pressure and design temperature. Operating pressure vessels beyond the temperature or pressure it was designed to handle could lead to catastrophic failure of the system or potentially fatal safety issues.

Importance of Pressure Vessel Maintenance and Inspection

Other than design, creation, and operation requirements, these vessels require proper maintenance. Regular inspections as part of the maintenance process can help reveal potential problems before they worsen. Failure to conduct pressure vessel testing could also lead to failures, explosions, gas leaks, or fires.

Storage Tank Inspections

Storage tanks are a crucial part of infrastructure and operations in many industries. At Highland Equipment, we recognize the integral role of storage tanks and commit to offering a higher level of reliability.

We offer underground and above-ground storage tank inspections. Our proven capabilities and readily available resources allow us to offer you an accurate evaluation at an efficient cost, making us unique among all underground and above-ground storage tank inspection companies.

Nondestructive Weld Testing Services

At Highland, we also offer nondestructive weld testing services. We create images of welds using radiography and use them to identify cracks, inadequate penetration, incomplete fusion, slag inclusion, and porosity within a welded joint. The radiographic inspection looks for weld defects and helps establish welded joint efficiency factors that are crucial in calculating design pressure components, piping, and vessels.

For instance, when calculating ASME Section VII pressure levels, we can opt to have a full, spot, or no radiography examination. These are three levels of radiography weld examination. When you want to use a greater radiographic examination in your design, you can claim a greater maximum allowable joint efficiency in your calculations. With greater joint efficiencies, one can use thinner parent materials to make the pressure component or vessel.

Pipe Inspection Services

Pipe inspection offers you valuable information about your project that can help prolong the life of the pipeline, minimize safety risks, save on expensive repairs, and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

At Highland, we have vast experience offering pipe inspection services for many projects around the world. We offer cost-effective and valuable inspection insights during all phases, from procurement to operation/maintenance.

Working With Highland Equipment

If you are looking for pressure vessel, weld, or tank inspections, you need an experienced partner who guarantees quality service. At Highland Equipment, we set and maintain high inspection standards for everything we do. Our team of engineers commits to offering clients the very best. We have several certifications from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. Contact us today to work with us or learn more about inspections.