Glass beading uses tiny lead-free glass beads made of soda lime glass to provide an aesthetic treatment on stainless steel surfaces. Glass is one of the largest blasting medias used in abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting. The glass beading process projects glass beads at a high velocity powered by pressurized air, removing the top layer of the object’s surface. This process is also environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than other abrasive blasting methods, as the beads may cleaned and reused.

Glass Beading from Highland Equipment

Highland Equipment designs and fabricates piping, pressure vessels, and tanks for a variety of industries and applications. Our glass beading services include 60-90 sieve glass beads that blast the workpiece and surrounding area, providing a satiny finish similar to the 2B finish commonly seen on stainless steel.

For more information about Highland Equipment, our glass beading process, or any of our end-to-end piping, pressure vessel, and tank fabrication services, please contact us or request a quote.