The dairy industry processes all types of cow milk-based products, like cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and pasteurized and non-pasteurized milk. Like other food processing systems, dairy processing equipment must meet strict safety and sanitation regulations.
Regardless of the type of dairy product you produce, you must use compliant equipment to fully optimize processing operations and product quality. Learn more about the various types of equipment that dairy facilities can choose from based on specific needs.

Types of Dairy and Non-Dairy Processing Equipment

At Highland Equipment, you’ll find a selection of high-quality non-dairy and dairy/milk processing equipment that can streamline your operations and product quality while upholding sanitation requirements. Our inventory includes the following pieces of machinery:

  • Stainless Steel Tanks & Pressure Vessels — This equipment stores various substances for dairy processing, including dairy products, water, and different types of chemicals.
  • Clean-in-Place (C.I.P.) Systems — These dairy processing systems facilitate the cleaning of vessels, machines, and piping through the use of heat, chemicals, and water. They can be cleaned in place, meaning they don’t need to be dismantled with every cleaning cycle.
  • Piping Installation & Design — Dairy processing systems also rely on durable, compliant piping installations and designs that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Pumps, Valves, Gaskets, & Fittings — Dairy equipment uses various types of pumps, gaskets, valves, and fittings to keep machinery functioning properly throughout each processing stage.
  • Stainless Steel Mixers & Blenders — Many dairy processing operations also rely on stainless steel blenders and mixers to manufacture dairy products with varying viscosities.
  • Homogenizers — Many dairy products also require homogenizers to keep dairy products uniform in consistency. We offer rotor-stator, bead mill, ultrasonic, high-pressure, and mortar and pestle homogenizers.
  • Pasteurizers — Liquid dairy products like yogurt and milk need pasteurizers to sterilize them. Highland Equipment provides high-temperature, short-time (HTST); ultra-high temperature (UHT); and direct steam injection pasteurizers for your needs.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Dairy and Non-Dairy Processing Equipment

When selecting the ideal dairy and non-dairy processing equipment for your application, there are multiple factors to consider as you make your choice. Some of these considerations include:

  • The size and space requirements of your facility, which will determine the size of the equipment
  • How the equipment protects against food contamination
  • Ease of cleaning and sterilization
  • The accuracy of the machinery
  • Ease of repairs and replacements for moving components

Processing Equipment from Highland Equipment

The right dairy processing equipment can help you maintain efficient, productive, and cost-effective operations in your facility. If you need reliable processing equipment for a dairy farm or another type of facility, Highland Equipment is here for you. All of our equipment and machinery comply with Dairy 3A standards as well as other certifications and registrations, such as:

  • ASME
  • CSA B51
  • National Board registration
  • TSSA/CRN registration
  • “U” Stamp registration

Learn more about our solutions on our dairy industry page. You can also contact us to discuss your needs or request a quote for your ideal dairy/milk processing equipment.