Highland Equipment has been building unmatched stainless steel tanks and equipment for various sanitary process applications since 1973. As the leading provider of sanitary process equipment, Highland Equipment has the tools and experience needed for various tank projects, from one-tank requirements, complex pressure vessels, skidded systems, and custom equipment to a host of customized tank projects. Our team of experts has the knowledge and professional background to provide custom solutions for all your equipment needs.

Overview of Stainless Steel Tanks

Sanitary stainless steel tanks are special containers used to store and transport a myriad of substances such as water, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, and other bulk materials. They feature superior flexibility and ease of use that make them ideal for various industries and applications. Stainless steel tanks are also known for their corrosion resistance and their ability to resist extreme temperatures. These attributes make stainless tanks the best equipment for storing sensitive materials.

Stainless Steel Capabilities

Stainless steel tanks come with either a drum-like, rectangular, or cylindrical shape with thin walls made of stainless steel material. The stainless steel tanks offered by Highland Equipment are equipped with heat transfer capabilities to meet the needs of your specific applications.

Depending on your objectives, our experienced engineering team and technicians can also equip the tanks with mixing components that come in various sizes. We also offer a range of atmospheric tanks that allow our clients to choose from different options, including dished tops and bottoms, flat tops and bottoms, and/or conical tops and bottoms.

We can also custom-make your exact specifications for your stainless tank depending on several factors, including your specific application, the product to be stored, how often the tank must be cleaned, and other considerations.

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank Fabrication

Stainless steel comes in different grades designed to handle various substances and chemicals. These grades offer varying levels of corrosion resistance, strength, toughness, and high/low-temperature performance. During the fabrication of stainless steel, the following grades are widely utilized:

  • 304/304L: Stainless steel 304 comprises 18 to 20% chromium, 8 to 11% nickel, and 2% manganese. It offers adequate corrosion resistance for most applications. It is also less costly compared to other options.
  • 316/316L: 316/316L comprises 6 to 18% chromium, 10 to 14% nickel, 2 to 3% molybdenum, and 2% manganese. The addition of molybdenum adds an extra layer of corrosion resistance to make 316/316L more resistant to chemicals than stainless steel 304.
  • Duplex: Duplex stainless steel is a blend of ferritic and austenitic metallurgical structures. It contains 20 to 28% chromium, 2 to 5% molybdenum, and 5 to 8% nickel. Austenitic stainless steel is superior to ferritic in terms of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Highland Equipment provides end-to-end stainless steel tank fabrication solutions from equipment design and manufacturing to system integration, installation, and ongoing technical support. We practice comprehensive quality control throughout all phases of fabrication, and our team undertakes extensive weld inspections to guarantee flawless joints. We leverage our premier fabrication shop fitted with the latest technologies and tools to provide high-quality orbital welding services.

Industries/Applications that Use Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks are a common sight dotting the landscape across the country. They are integral equipment among several industries that need dependable containers to store and transport substances. As mentioned earlier, stainless steel resists corrosion and extreme temperatures. It is also easy to clean and disinfect. These attributes make stainless steel ideal for a range of applications. Some of the industries that leverage stainless steel tanks to store valuable materials and substances include:

  • Dairy
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Brewery
  • Cosmetics manufacturing

At Highland Equipment, we apply a range of finishes to your stainless steel to guarantee optimal performance. Stainless steel is usually smooth and slightly reflective, but there are instances where its surfaces are brushed or bead blasted. The varying roughness calls for surface finishes to prevent moisture retention and material adhesion. Some of the stainless steel tank surface finishes that we apply include mill finish, mechanical finishes, electropolished, and more.

Highland Equipment Solutions

At Highland Equipment, we have the resources, capabilities, and tools to complete any of your stainless steel tank fabrication projects both in our workshop and in the field. As the industry leader in the design, fabrication, installation, and service of stainless steel process equipment, Highland Equipment is committed to providing exactly what you need, when you need it, and even where you need it. Contact us today to request a quote.